Popular Supplements For Sports And Fitness – A Brief Overview

Supplements especially designed for athletes as well as fitness fanatics are now getting better and better, thanks to advances in medical research. Popular supplements for sports and fitness are widely available. But before buying anything, acquaint yourself first with how these kinds of supplements work and whether they can help you improve your game or not.

Here is a list of the popular supplements for sports and fitness classified according to their use:

1. Supplements for muscular protection and maintenance

Examples of these are antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals which can damage muscle tissues and cause soreness. Calcium can prevent muscle cramps while both chromium and CLA strengthens and enlarges muscles. Eucalyptus, gamma oryzanol, HMB, magnesium, methoxyisoflavone, OKG, and vitamin E are also for muscle protection and improvement.

2. Supplements for reducing body fat

Some of the most popular supplements for sports and fitness that help reduce body fats are arginine, chromium, and CLA. DHEA, HMB, and pyruvate may also help.

3. Supplements for temporary relief from pain and pain reduction

Bromelain can reduce pain of sprains and strains while arnica not only reduces pain but also accelerates healing. Cayenne can provide temporary relief from arthritis and rheumatic pain.

Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamin reduce pain in the joints. HMB, ribose, vitamin C, and zinc are other examples of popular supplements for sports and fitness that you should consider.

4. Supplements for boosting endurance

The branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs) are examples of popular supplements for sports and fitness that can boost endurance. Coenzyme Q10 also has the same function as it plays a major role in metabolism. Creatine, eleuthero, gamma oryzanol, ginseng (American and Asian), guaranĂ¡, HMB, iron, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), phosphorus, pyruvate, and yohimbe are other supplements that boost endurance.

5. Supplements for boosting the immune system

A strong immune system is vital in the success of an athlete. Examples of popular supplements for sports and fitness that boost the immune system are glutamine, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.

6. Increase strength

Popular supplements for sports and fitness that increase strength include cordyceps and octaconsanol. When combined with arginine, ornithine can also boost strength.


Dietary supplements, whether for athletic use or regular consumption, are not regulated by U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). In order to ensure the safety of the supplement you will be taking, be sure to buy only from pharmaceutical GMP-compliant manufacturers.

The Top Reason Why Your Sports and Fitness Marketing Is Important For You And Your Clients

Arthur was in the first Persian Gulf War. He was a disabled veteran.

He used to be disabled. He’s always a veteran.

At 300 pounds, he was a candidate for a heart attack and a stroke. He suffered from sleep apnea. He used crutches to move. Leg braces to walk. Back braces to stand. And he needed assistance with everyday tasks such as putting on a pair of pants.

One day, through a direct marketing message, he discovered a yoga fitness program created by a retired professional wrestler named DDP (Diamond Dallas Page). In the information product, DDP said there were three things everyone has control over: how we think, how we breathe, and what we put into our mouths. It was at that moment Arthur decided to…

Take Control Of His Life

He stopped thinking of himself as a victim, stopped fixating on the problems, and started focusing on the solutions. So he started DDP’s yoga program.

He fell at first. He fell a lot. But then he got back up. Fell again. Got back up. And fell again. And got back up again.

He heard people chatter about how he would never finish the program; how it was impossible. He was destined to his fate. They said he would fail.

Arthur refused to listen to them. He never gave up. The determination… the intensity… the drive… was now in his control. He saw others who had made it through DDP’s program before him in testimonials. He sought encouragement and advice with a support line. He did whatever it took to…

Keep Going The Distance

Once he broke through the wall of resistance – the one he built around him for so many years – he felt the changes taking place.

Real changes.

He felt stronger. He learned how to breathe right. He took control of what he ate. He knew it would result in a longer life span for quality time spent with his wife and children.

Through DDP’s program, and with consistent support after purchase, he made fitness a part of his life.

He felt ALIVE.

Today, Arthur weighs less than 200 pounds. He moves without crutches. He walks without leg braces. He stands without back braces. And he can put on his own damn pants thank you very much.

Arthur rejected his fate and…

Evolved Into A Determined Champion

In the sports and fitness industry, we sell products and services directly to clients. Clients may be consumers or fellow businesses.

For me in particular, I develop direct response marketing messages to be sent through the proper channels to the appropriate target market. The goal is have the recipients open their wallets and buy the products and/or services. I get paid for doing this.

But pay is not the only reason I do it, nor is it the top reason I do it.

Arthur ultimately made the choice to take control of his life. But if he had never heard or seen the direct marketing messages from DDP’s program, life may have turned out differently for him.

This is why I help legitimate sports and fitness companies sell as many products and services as possible through direct response marketing. I do it…

To Help the Arthurs of the World.

While not everyone shares the same health history as Arthur, many people want better health and fitness for different reasons.

They want to improve their health, reduce stress, fit into smaller size pants, look good for their spouse or significant other, boost their esteem, feel good, have the hottest body they possibly can achieve…

Knowing that a sports and fitness product or service can enrich lives in so many different ways is what drives my efforts in this endeavor. The reason I practice what I preach by exercising and eating right… thrive on motivation… and develop direct response messages in the sports and fitness industry… is the same reason why your sports and fitness marketing is important to you and your clients.

To make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Sports and Fitness are Linked Together

Many teens want to go out for team sports in their school but do not realize how demanding sports can actually be. Many young people look at all the excitement that participating in a sport can bring and are surprised to find out how closely sports and fitness are linked together. There is actually three main aspects to fitness, they are strength, stamina and flexible. When you combine these three aspects with a sport it greatly increases your ability to perform that sport.

Let’s start with strength fitness. This does not mean that you need to begin a regiment of weight lifting. What it means is that you need to exercise to build and strengthen the muscles needed for the sport you are involved in. For example, if you want to be a football player then you want to strengthen your leg muscles. A basketball player would want to strengthen both their legs and arms.

Stamina is very important because without it you will not have the endurance needed to perform at your best through the duration of the game. Even if you do make it through the first couple of games of the season, making it all the way to the last game while still performing at your best is very unlikely. Aerobic exercises are great for helping in this area as it will help to strengthen both your lungs and heart. If aerobics are not an option for you, then you could consider things like riding a bicycle or swimming as they also help to build stamina.

Flexibility is extremely important when sports and fitness are linked together. This is because if your body is not flexible then you may be setting yourself up for a major injury. This is something you defiantly need to avoid. You should start with stretching exercises on a regular basic to increase the flexibility in your muscles. Begin slowly and build up, the more flexible your muscles are the easier it will be to perform many of the moves that are required in sports.

So before you decide to join an activity in your school, take into consideration just how closely sports and fitness are linked together and be prepared to get in shape. Being fit will increase your performance in any sport you participate in.